Cosmetic Safety

The highest priority of the cosmetic and personal care product industry is to ensure the health and safety of consumers through the marketing of products that are safe and effective. CCTFA and its member companies have a long history of working with various regulatory authorities to ensure consumer safety and confidence in the cosmetic and personal care product sector. For more information on the safety of personal care products and their ingredients, please click here to be forwarded to



The Truth About Children's Bath Products - Created by the Personal Care Products Council, Nov 8, 2011


Activists dodge good science to maintain scaremongering — and donations
By Terence Corcoran

Health Canada's Position on the 12 Ingredients listed in the David Suzuki
Foundation report released on Oct 19, 2010

  • Letter and attachment from Health Canada [pdf]
  • CCTFA Revised Holding Statement [pdf]
  • Déclaration [pdf]


Mr. Lee Doren, Creator of the "Story of Stuff" Critiques, turns his attention to the recent "Story of Cosmetics" in a compelling critical assessment of the claims made by Annie Leonard on behalf of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. If you have further interest in Mr. Doren's work, visit his website!


ENVironmental defence report - "Not so sexy: The Health Risks of secret chemicals in fragrance"

A new report alleging that a number of popular, brand-name perfumes contain “secret” ingredients that could cause harm to consumers was recently released by the US based organizations Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Environmental Working Group, and the Canadian-based Environmental Defense. This report grossly misrepresents the science on fragrance ingredients and presents a distorted picture of how they are regulated and labeled. The release of the report titled, “Not So Sexy: The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance,” does a disservice to consumers who are looking for full and accurate information and trustworthy advice about the products they purchase.