"While playing a meaningful societal role, to encourage trust and confidence in the Canadian cosmetic, toiletry and fragrance industry and in the safety, efficacy and quality of its products."

CCTFA, through active participation of its members achieves this Mission by being the principal voice of the personal care products industry through:

  • interfacing with government and elected representatives, to ensure development and effective representation of industry positions on all regulatory issues
  • communicating with the media, consumers and other interested parties to promote public confidence in the industry

CCTFA keeps members informed of current and emerging issues that may ultimately impact their business and provides them with an environment where they can network and share ideas through:

  • a monthly newsletter,
  • a members only website and
  • participation on committees, seminars, webinars and events.

CCTFA supplies members with regulatory support to assist in managing and keeping ahead of regulatory issues that can affect their organization now and in the future. This includes:

  • regular regulatory workshops
  • unlimited access to online members-only regulatory information and updates
  • vital monthly Regulatory Report
  • consistent access to industry leading regulatory experts

CCTFA provides advocacy and media relations to positively influence elected officials, regulators, media and special interest groups before there is a problem. CCTFA does this by:

  • telling the industry’s story
  • defending the industry against “junk science”
  • developing “talking points” for you to use in dealing with the media
  • promoting public confidence in the industry
  • aggressively working towards a balanced view of the industry by the media

CCTFA carries out government relations to ensure members needs are met by maintaining a constant dialogue with government regulators and legislators. This guarantees ongoing development and effective representation of industry positions on all regulatory and legislative matters and remaining on top of Provincial and Federal regulatory environments. CCTFA works to ensure member companies have the ability to pursue creative product development, regularly meets with key regulators to enhance consumer safety, focuses on the industry’s strong regulatory programs and strives to achieve a balance so consumers continue to have a choice in the marketplace.

CCTFA also offers products:

  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) that assists members in facilitating international trade and industry technical & regulatory publications to assist members with questions and issues relating to their products.